Hyperbole and a Half

Hyperbole and a Half 

By: Allie Brosh 

Quick Stats: 

Goodreads Score: 4.16 out of 5 stars. 

My Score (Official): 4.25 stars out of 5 stars. 

My Score (Unofficial): 14 simple dogs out of 16. 

The Highlights: Hilarious. And pictures! There’s pictures!

The Lowlights: Not much. But if you’re looking for a novel, rather than a series of anecdotes, then this book is not for you. 

Need to Read Urgency Level: Get yo self to the nearest Barnes and Nobles. Beg your mom, grab your bike, buy a buss pass, or learn how to ride horseback. Just do it. 


Summer is finally here. And when I think of summer, I think of late nights, comatose mornings, the scent of chlorine, andof course, fun. My latest read, Hyperbole and a Half, definitely embodies the fun aspect of summer. For a little summary of the things inside the book, refer to this list that I took from the back cover.

  • Pictures.
  • Words.
  • Stories about things that happened to me.
  • Stories about things that happened to other people because of me.
  • Eight billion dollars.*
  • Stories about dogs.
  • The secret to eternal happiness*.

*These are lies. Perhaps I have underestimated my sneakiness!

From the introduction to the very end, Allie Brosh proves herself to be a force of comedy. I love laughing, and I love humorous books…but only if they are done well. Hyperbole and a Half was done well. It’s hard to write a summary of this book because it’s not a single, continuous story with plot twists and characterization and all that usual stuff. It’s a bunch of little stories strung together. That said, I’ll just give you an overview.

Hyperbole and a Half details the life of Allie Brosh, from childhood mishaps, childhood cake-haps, training “simple” dogs, getting lost in the forest, and, in a weightier section, the depression she went through. By far, the sections about her dogs were the funniest bits. It made me so glad that I have a fully functional rat terrier who does not go around fervently licking the floor. The other stories were all hilarious, too. I love how Brosh can take seemingly normal moments of life (wishing for a slice of cake, for example) and turn them into these grand adventures that will have even the grumpiest of moods gone in a second. The pictures add onto the fun. They are childish, simple, and somehow, amazingly funny. Quite a few of them have become memes, and although I couldn’t tell you why, I can say that there is just something magically enchanting about them. Perhaps some sort of enchantment…?

I also like how the book is chopped into easily managed sections. It makes it perfect for picking up and putting down several times in a day, although you probably won’t be doing much putting down. Seriously. The book is funny. It’s also not suitable for younger readers. The stories themselves are usually innocuous, but there are a lot of cuss words. Not excessively–in fact, they add on to the humor, and give off the feeling that Allie Brosh is that best friend who you are sometimes afraid to bring to your house, because you know she’s going to slip up around your parents, and get you in trouble–but enough.

As you can tell, I really enjoyed Hyperbole and a Half. It’s just the kind of spaztastic, funny, sort of badass book that gets you talking. That said, if you’ve already read this book, comment and tell me what you thought of it! Also, tell me what I should read next. Suggestions are always appreciated.

Last Book Reviewed: Er….this one.

Next Book Reviewing: Probably the Murder Complex, unless something drastic happens.

I hope everyone is having a great start to their summer. I’ll see you next post!





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