Vacation in Volumes

So, if you’ve seen a couple of my past blog posts, you’ll know that I am currently on vacation. My family and I are taking a two-week sojourn in the beautiful state of Michigan, traveling from one city to the next with exhausting velocity. Today we took an eight mile kayaking trip on a river whose name I’m too lazy to spell, and now I’m chilling in the hotel room for a moment before grabbing a cup of coffee. Anyways, since we’ve been traveling from place to place so much, I’ve had a lot of time to read. And knowing that I’d have a lot of time to read, I brought a fair amount of books (not counting those on my iPad). I always bring books in different genres to fit my possible moods. This post is kind of like a book haul post, but just vacation-y themed, since I already bought most of these books and have been just waiting for a time to read them!

1. More Than This by Patrick Ness (The Dystopian) 

I got a free copy of this from a library contest about a year ago, but somehow never got around to reading it. I finished it the other day, though, and it was a lot more interesting than I honestly thought it would be. I was a little bit confused to as where it was going first, but before long I was fully hooked.


2.Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (The Fantasy) 

I got this book from Barnes and Nobles a while ago, but it became hidden on my shelf over the months, and I just never got to it. I’ve started it on this trip, and so far, am liking what I’m seeing. Only about a hundred pages in, though, (and this book is massive), so I can’t judge yet. I think this one has the prettiest cover of all the ones I brought, though, so even though you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, it didn’t hurt when I picked it out.


3. So Long and Thanks for all the Fish by Douglas Adams (The Science Fiction with Humor) 

This is the fourth book in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and I just had to bring at least one of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books. So Long won by luck of the draw. And by draw I mean I was running late and picked up the first one I saw and crammed it into my book bag. I also brought the guide to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, so I could read up on some fun facts!

4. Kissed by An Angel by Elizabeth Chandler (The Romance) 

See my past review for what I thought about this one. It was not good things. Not good things. But…an easy read for a vacation.

Kissed by an Angel

5. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (The Classic) 

This was one of my dad’s favorites, and it looks adventure-y, which I thought was good for an adventure-y vacation. Hopefully I’ll get to read this one soon, maybe while on the way to Mackinac Island. Then I would just smile with satisfaction every time I compared the two islands because I’m that kind of person.

6. Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident by Eoin Colfer (Another Fantasy, but with a very different feel) 

I love Artemis Fowl, and every time I go somewhere I cannot resist bringing at least one book that I’ve read at least ten times. It’s like how some people bring their favorite pillows or their most worn-in stuffed animals. I always need at least one book that is like an old friend to me, and this book was that one.

Artemis Fowl


I’m also reading a few books like Gone with the Wind and Anna Karenina on my iPad, but those ones above are the only physical books I brought. I’ll probably have read them all by the time I finish the week out, and so if you have any suggestions, I’m stopping by a bookstore soon and would love to have them! Also, what are your favorite books to bring on vacation? Do you usually prefer a certain genre over another while on the go? Let me know in the comments! As always, thanks for stopping by!





4 thoughts on “Vacation in Volumes

  1. You’re lucky to be able to read in the car. I get awful motion sickness, so I stick to audiobooks for long trips. Like you, I bring a variety of genres while on vacation – I did a post about it last month:
    Treasure Island is one of my favorite classics! There is a character who dies from “thundering apoplexy” (stroke) and when my brother first read it he thought the guy was struck by lightning. 😛


    • Oh, no, I hate motion sickness! My brother and sister both get it; I count myself lucky that I managed not to have it! Ooh, yay, now I’m even more excited to read Treasure Island. Haha that sounds like a mistake I would make as well, lol.


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