Friday Fight Day: Duel of the Diaries

It’s that time. Or, rather, day. Friday (although barely–11:40 at the time of this post). And you know what that means. DUN DUN DUN.

It’s Friday Fight Day! Each Friday I chose two things (whether they be more broad concepts like last Friday’s Battle of the Bad Boys, or narrow items like this week’s battle) and make them clash it out. I then crown a winner, because I totally have that kind of power.

Today’s category is: DUEL OF THE DIARIES: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson vs. The Princess Diaries 

Bum, bum, bum.

The lights dim to a dull glow. Action music starts up, audible but not overbearing. There is the feeling that something–something important–is about to happen. And then it happens.

To your left, a voice says, “There can only be one.”

In confusion, you stare into the near darkness. But the voice isn’t talking to you. Because in the next moment, someone else entirely responds, “You’re right. And that one is me.”

The lights go up, andddddddd on each side of the room, a book stands. To your left is the Confessions of Georgia Nicholson series. To your right is the Princess Diaries series. They are both diaries, they are both hilarious, they both have endearing protagonists, and there can only be one to reign supreme.


Competitor 1: The Confessions of Georgia Nicholson is a ten book series that circles on the adventures, embarrassments, and romances of one Georgia Nicholson. Georgia is…rude, flighty, outrageous, hilarious, and strangely charming. Romance wise, she falls easily in love, and has trouble making a commitment, although that adds to her hilariosity.

Competitor 2: The Princess Diaries is also a ten series book, although it has multiple novellas to accompany it. This one has more of a set plot. It revolves around Mia Thermopolis, who one moment is an average (although oddly tall) freshman trying to make it through high school, and the next moment she is the heir to the throne of Genovia.

And here comes punch one. MC v. MC.

“You might be a princess,” Georgia says*. “But I don’t have to be special to be entertaining. I romp around having misadventures and dating different guys, and that’s all I need to be double cool with knobs. Now take your sorry Princeass to an Agony Aunt.”

“Normally, I don’t like confrontation, but you asked for it. Just because you don’t have a plot, doesn’t make you special. And you don’t need to date a new boy each chapter to find true romance.”

Mia is shy, kind, prone to panic, loyal, and awkwardly adorable. She sucks at Algebra, is ace at writing, and hates confrontation.

Georgia is the opposite of shy. Bursting with excitement and a flair for life , Georgia is outrageous, sassy, indecisive, mischievous, and over dramatic.

Hmm. Two polarized personalities. But out of the two of them, I would have to say I like Mia a smidgen more. I may relate more to Georgia’s craziness, but I look up to Mia.

Friends into the ring (2 each): “I need backup!”

Confessions of Georgia

Confessions has a range of supporting characters that stick out. The Ace Gang are the friends I wish I had. For sake of time, I’ll only pick two, although the whole gang is awesome-saucem.

Jas: Georgia’s best friend. The seriousness to Georgia’s spasticness, the two often fight, and since we are reading Georgia’s thoughts, we often see Jas as the annoying girl with the wonky fringe. Still, the book wouldn’t be the same without her.

Rosie: My favorite of the Ace Gang. Even more mad than Georgia, with a mischievous, fearless side that often gets Georgia and her into fantastic trouble.

Princess Diaries

The group of friends in the Princess Diaries is less cliquish than the Ace Gang, with new members being added to the circle, while other friends leave. Here are two notable friends.

Lily: Oh, Lily. A bitch to the bone at some parts, but a really cool, quirky character at other times. As the little sister to Mia’s main man, even when Lily and Mia are fighting, Lily is still a part of Mia’s life, for good or bad.

Tina: Obsessed with romance books, Tina only becomes friends with Mia after Mia becomes a princess and decides to talk to an equally isolated girl at school. The two hit it off, and Tina’s sweetness and over enthusiasm makes her a great addition to Mia’s friends.

While I appreciate the friends of both book series, I feel closer to the Ace Gang because of their absolute fabnosity. A solid hit to the Princess Diaries, unfortunately.

Boys in the House: A dash of romance

Oh, where to start with Confessions? Georgia is young and doesn’t know exactly what she wants, which means she ends up dating (or at least kissing) half the guys in the series. The three most notable ones, though, are the Sex God (Robbie), the Italian Stallion, and Dave the Laugh.

Dave the Laugh is by FAR my favorite of the three. He is hilarious, he is crush worthy, and he is the guy that I wish would fall of the pages and into my life. He’s always been a big crush of mine, because I can’t resist a guy who knows how to make me…well, laugh.


Mia, on the other hand, is not as taken by her hormones as Georgia was. There are two main romances in the series: Michael Moscovitz and J.P. If you’ve read the series, you obviously know my favorite of the two, because who in their right mind would pick J.P. over Michael? No. Noooooo. NO. Does not happen.

Michael is sweet and smart, a great combination. He is also a musician, which is not a bad benefit. Although Mia and him go through a rough patch, he is ultimately there for her, and if Dave the Laugh isn’t around, then Michael would not be a bad replacement.

BUT, Dave the Laugh is around, and so Confessions has to win again on this one.

The Results

Wow. I was planning on doing some more categories, but I never realized how much I really ramble. So to save your poor eyes, we’re going to have to end it here.

In the Duel of the Diaries, I have to declare Confessions of Georgia Nicolson as my favorite. Although both are phenomenal series, I love to laugh, and Confessions makes me do just that on every single page.

Congratulations to the Ace Gang!

_ _ _ _ _ _

If you’ve read both of these books, tell me which one you thought deserved to be crowned winner. And if you’ve read at least two books told in a diary format, tell me which one of them is the better of the two! Or if you have any suggestions for what next Friday’s Fight Day should be, let me know! Thanks for reading, and thanks for commenting! 😀

*Oh, by the way…both of these series make it onto my all time favorite list. So, if you haven’t read them, do just that.

*Georgia does not really say this. Just letting you know. I’ve stolen her voice for the moment. Muhahahaha.



10 thoughts on “Friday Fight Day: Duel of the Diaries

  1. I love this. Omg XD I’ve only read the first Princess Diaries book (watched the first movie back when it was on VHS lol), but Confessions of Georgia Nicolson has been recommended to me a few times. Though I’m not that familiar with the two series, your post had me cracking up!


    • Aw thanks, haha 🙂
      Oh wow I remember watching the Princess Diaries on VHS, too. I think I still have it hanging around here somewhere….and yeah, you should definitely read the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson. If you like hilarious things then you’ll like that! 😀


  2. Dual of the Diaries, how cute! I absolutely love this. I haven’t read Confessions of Georgia, but obviously, I think I should now. I absolutely love PD and while Mia can be annoying, I absolutely love her (she seems like me sometimes, which is scary). MICHAEL *swoons*


    • Thank you! Yes, Confessions is a great series. So funny. Yes, PD is also a favorite of mine! Mia annoyed me a little bit in her dealing with Michael during the middle of the series, but besides that I think she’s a great protagonist! (And yeah, I relate to her, too! I’m as awkward as she is, lol). Michael makes me so jealous of Mia! He’s just, well, drool is all I can say.


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