Top Five Cover Trends I Like and Dislike

Let’s get down to business. Not to defeat the Huns, but to tackle my very first Top Ten Tuesday. Woo-hoo! The Top Ten Tuesday meme is hosted by the wonderful people over at The Broke and the Bookish. If you want to participate, head on over to them and link up!

Top Five Cover Trends I Love

1. Covers with girls in gorgeous dresses.



I know there’s a lot of mixed emotions on covers with girls in beautiful dresses, but I happen to be a fan of them, aesthetically speaking. They’re just so pretty to put on my shelves, and it automatically draws me into the story because a dress can tell so much about the book before the first page is turned. There is such a difference, for example, between the dress displayed in Rumors and the one in Fallen. Already you know the first book will have taken place in the past, and you can infer that it’ll be a lush book full of secrets, dancing, and girls in envy worthy dresses. Meanwhile, Fallen is going to be darker, probably supernatural, but also with girls in envy worthy dresses.

2. Dark covers with white text.



I love covers like these. There’s just something about the stark contrast between white and black/brown that is so appealing. They’re not messy at all, and they give the sense that the writing will be as achingly beautiful as the covers themselves. Looking for Alaska has the added benefit of that steamy white-grey smoke, filling the cover with a dream like splendor.

3. Book covers that actually make sense in context of the book.


I picked two fairytale related books, but not on purpose. But I think it’s easier for retellings to have a picture that so completely relates to an important aspect of the plot, because these are the books that are iconic before you even read them. You don’t need to have so much as skimmed the first chapter of Beastly before knowing why the rose is there, and anyone who has ever watched Cinderella will connect with the pumpkin.

4. Covers that feature the text along with some design.



Aren’t these so pretty, so haunting, so evocative? These two covers brand the name of the book into my mind, while sending shivery (no pun intended) feelings through my heart. I just want to act like that wolf on the cover of Shiver and howl with approval.


5. Covers with food. Particularly dessert.

Unknown-13 dfdsfdsfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfds ddsfsd Unknown-14

Okay, okay, okay. Maybe it’s my stomach talking, but I can no more resist a delicious cover showing off a warm, buttery piece of cake than I can an actual warm, buttery piece of cake. Whenever I see books like this, it takes every inch of my control to resist licking the ink of the pages.


Covers that I Dislike

Alas, not all covers are as stunningly beautiful as the ones above. There are also some covers that simply make you want to hide them away underneath your bed. Sad, too, because some of these books hide great things under those unforgiving artworks. For these, I only put one book cover each, because I couldn’t bare to track down two awful covers for each flaw.

1. Covers with half-naked men.


Okay, so I’m not saying this guy isn’t hunky or anything, but personally, I don’t like buying books with covers like these. It just feels awkward to read them anywhere but curled up in my bed with a cup of hot cocoa. Even if nothing that bad is happening inside, people see a cover like this and they automatically think ‘ooooh, you reading 50 shades of grey or something?’ Now, maybe this flaw is more a flaw with myself, because I shouldn’t care what other people think of what I’m reading, but since I don’t read much romance anyways, I always blush when I come to a slightly risqué part in a book, and it doesn’t help with these kinds of covers. Plus, the book is already called Much Ado About Vampires. You can’t have a cover like this with a name like that. Just no.

2. Covers with the partial face.


A recurring one that I’ve been seeing, I too have tired of the half face. I just don’t see the point. Why not just show me a whole face?! What will that hurt?! I do admit there are some covers that I actually really like with the half face, such as Uglies, so this probably only irks me because of the sheer volume of covers exactly like this.

3. Covers that show off tongues.


I don’t like tongues. Enough said.

4. Covers that have been remade after the movie version of a book is released.


No. Nooooo. NOOOOOO. WHY?! Why does this happen? I just cannot comprehend. The book cover was fine before the movie came out. It was better before the movie came out. ARGH. I’m reading the book. Let me buy the book with the book’s cover. Save the movie characters for the cover of the movie. Any offenders of this rule shall be sentenced to the Moderately Sized Time Out Corner That Is Hospitable But Not Particularly Interesting for a minimum time frame of three months.

5. Books that make my eyes hurt.


This is a mean category, but a true one. This cover is a perfect example. I love L.J. Smith, but I hate this cover. (That, by the way, is no longer hers, as the series was taken away from her and given to a ghostwriter.) There’s just so much going on. You have the whole “created by” L.J. Smith in black font in the upper corner, and then the Vampire Diaries in white down below, and then not one, not two, but three banners with red font down below. So many different colors of font, and so many words crammed into the left side of the cover. And then there is the partial face thing! And the guy looks creepy and as though he was computer generated. Just not something that I would want to proudly display on my bookcase. It is something, on the other hand, that made my eyes ooze out onto the carpet. Not a lot of ooze. But ooze none-the-less.

So those are my Top 10 Picks for things I like in covers and things I do not like. Do you agree/disagree with any of the above? What are the things you like about covers? Things you dislike? Let me know!


6 thoughts on “Top Five Cover Trends I Like and Dislike

  1. I, too, really like books with pretty dresses on them (even though I haven’t actually worn a dress in years, lol). Especially if the cover is a bit darker, like Fallen. It makes the book more mysterious to me.

    Omg, half-naked men covers. Just, no. XD I feel so embarrassed to go out with covers that have guys without shirts on them, or people making out or something. The half face thing is getting old, too 😛

    I’m not usually a movie cover fan. In fact, I only have one book whose cover is based on the movie, and that’s Vampire Academy. I just prefer the original covers.

    Great post!!


    • Yes, the dress on Fallen is one of my favorites! I love paranormal books, and so I’m automatically like ‘I know this is going to be a good one!’

      And yes, half-naked men covers, please go away.

      I don’t think I’ve seen the movie cover for the Vampire Academy, but I think for the book version she has the whole part face thing going on, so maybe it is better, haha.



  2. Great list! I agree with most, especially the ones you dislike, though I guess I’m lucky I haven’t seen many book covers with tongues on them. But I am always annoyed when they ruin the perfectly nice covers of so many books once the movies, which are obviously never as good, come out.


    • Haha, yeah, tongues are, admittedly, quite rare. Yes, the movies thing is probably the worse to me. I just don’t get why people would rather envision the actors than just read the book itself and see what they imagine the character to look like.


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