Book Review: Horoscope (The Astrology Murders)


By: Georgia Frontiere


*I was provided with a free advance readers copy of this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Therefore, I shall be honest.*

Goodreads Score: N/A

My Score (Official): 3.75.

My Score (Unofficial): 1200 astrology consultations out of 1457

The Highlights: Astrology adds a unique twist to a murder mystery, Keeps you reading, Intriguing

The Lowlights: Epilogue was too cheesy for my taste, Chris Palmer.

Need to Read Urgency Level: On the high side of medium. Next time you’re at the bookstore and you’re looking for a thriller or a mystery, consider this one.

So this is my second review in less than a day (odd for me), but I just finished this book from NetGalley, and I wanted to get it up before I forgot any of the finer points. Today is, though, Friday, and that’s when I usually do my Friday Fight Days. If you like them, then don’t fear! One will be up later today, unless something drastic happens, like a particularly horrendous turtle attack. In fact, I’ll even give you a sneak peek. The Friday Fight Day Topic today will be: Attack of the Animals (famous dogs and cats of literature fight it out to see who makes the better literary sidekick). Anyways, I’ll stop talking about that until the actual post comes out. For now, the summary of Horoscope!

There is a dangerous murderer on the loose. As meticulous as he is calculating, he baffles the local police by sneaking into his victims’ houses without so much as breaking a window frame. Once there, he rapes and murders his helpless prey before carving their astrological sign into their thigh. Meanwhile, an Intuitive Astrologer, Kelly York, is on the verge of a breakdown. All her signs point to danger, and she’s developed an acute case of agoraphobia that confines her to her house. And that’s all before the mysterious, threatening phone calls begin. Now, Kelly must delve far into her past to find the connection the killer has to her. The stars are on her side, but will it be enough to survive?

My Thoughts:

Two years ago, I had read only one or two murder mystery books. Now, though, I’m really getting into the genres of mysteries and thrillers. They make me a lot more paranoid of the world we live in, yes, but they’re also so delightful in that creepy, shuddery way. I really enjoyed Horoscope because not only did it have solid red herrings, and great plot twists, but it had the addition of astrology and horoscopes, which has always intrigued me. (What can I say? We Pisces are very into that stuff ;D) The main character, Kelly, wasn’t overtly memorable. She wasn’t annoying or anything (most of the time, anyways) but she just didn’t seem to have much of a personality besides her work and her love for friends and family. There were several other minor characters throughout the story, such as Kelly’s friends and employees Emma and Sarah. Those two were similar in character types–both very caring, kind, protective, etc. Chris Palmer, as I noted in the dislike section, was one of my least favorite characters. I didn’t see what Kelly sees in him, and he was irrational, moody, and annoying. I wanted to skip their whole date scene. But besides a few character flaws, Horoscope was a good read. I was up late reading, and the sections told from the murderer’s point of view were appropriately chilling, disturbing, and awful. All in all, a solid murder mystery with an aura of thriller.

Prediction for the Sequel: Kelly and Emma and Sarah will host a game night where they sit around asking each other if everything in their life is going okay. There will be another murderer on the loose. The cops will suspect the wrong man. Kelly’s life will be in danger.

Publication Date: October 31st, 2014

 So, as always, thanks for reading! I’ll have the Friday Fight Day Post up later today. Have you read any great mysteries lately? If so, tell me about them! I’m always looking to expand my reading list. Thanks! 



2 thoughts on “Book Review: Horoscope (The Astrology Murders)

  1. Interesting choice on the author’s part to mix mystery and astrology together. Haha, I like the prediction. 🙂 I heard about JK Rowling’s new mystery book The Silkworm and read a preview- it seems promising.


    • Yes, I thought that was really unique! Thanks, haha, the predictions are some of my favorite things to put in reviews. Yes, The Silkworm sounds like it’ll be even better than the first. I’m so strapped for cash, but hopefully soon I’ll be able to make a trip to the bookstore.


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