Top Ten Tuesday: Blogging Confessions

Hello there! It’s Tuesday again, and with my least favorite day of the week comes Top Ten Tuesday–a bright light among Tuesdays. If you don’t know already, Top Ten Tuesday is hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish. If you like lists, and you like books, then go on over to their blog and link up! This week, I only did my Top 5, because I don’t have that many blogging confessions, and it’s always good to keep a few secrets up your sleeve.

1. I think I overdid it a little at NetGalley

This is a confession that I feel like a lot of book bloggers will have, because what’s better than free books, especially ones that you can read before they’re released to the public? When I started requesting titles on NetGalley I got click crazy, and now I have a lot of books in my review pile, and my review ration is miserable because of this. Like awful. Like I’m not even going to put it here because of the shame. But I am planning on getting to at least 80% of those, so that my ratio will be on-par.

2. And speaking of free books…

That’s kind of the reason I decided to start a book blog. That sounds awful, right? 0_0

I just saw on this one site that if you had at least 30 followers you could start requesting titles, and I had a mini panic attack thinking about it. Books! Free! All I need is a blog and 30 minions followers! I thought it would take me months. But then I started my blog, and within two weeks, I had the necessary amount of followers. By that time, I realized two things.

One, that I might have started the blog so that I could review books (and end up getting ARCs), but I wanted to keep running the blog because I love interacting with people, venting my thoughts, and reading other people’s’ blogs.

And two: I completely forgot what site gave out free books for reviews at 30 followers anyways…

3. I feel guilty when I don’t post something for days at a time

My blog is really recent, and so maybe this will fade as time goes by, but I feel like I’m slacking if I go two or three days without getting a post up. But going a couple of days without positing is sometimes inevitable for me. Not because of an actual life or anything (ha), but because I’m easily addicted to things. Like, TV series. For the past few days, my life has been consumed with watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Office, and Parks and Recreation, with a dabble of Portlandia. So not a legitimate excuse, but isn’t that the point of excuses?

4. One day, I want to add a vlog to my blog.

Not a near daily thing like my written posts, but maybe a couple a month. I think it would be cool to do book reviews or bookish rants or just my thoughts with that kind of outlet. I would try terribly hard not to be boring, and I think it could be fun! But as of now, I’m not sure if (or when) this will become a reality.

5. I’m overly paranoid about what I’m sending out into the Internet 

Like, even the description of number 5. I’m pretty sure that ‘sending out into the Internet’ doesn’t even make grammatical sense, and I spent a minute just staring at it, head tilted, before I realized that I’ll just put my struggle right here, and it won’t matter if it’s wrong. But, seriously, it’s usually not even grammar I’m paranoid about. I’m a bit of a people pleaser, and I want people to like my blog and my posts, and I’m worried that one day, like, seven dozen people will start commenting about the awfulness of my blog, of me, and possibly of my dog. Really, I don’t know why, because if people did start commenting about how awful my blog and I am, I wouldn’t be that upset. I’d probably reply with something snarky and move on…unless it’s about my dog. Nobody messes with my dog.

So those were my bookish confessions. What are yours? Be sure to let me know in the comments! Because another bookish confession is that I love getting comments just as much as I love replying to them! 😀


28 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Blogging Confessions

  1. Go for the vlog! I’ve only seen a few, but I think they are really cool and unique! I would totally watch bookish rants!


  2. This post had me laughing… a lot XD NetGalley sounds super awesome. I’m not on there, though, because I know once I’m off my leash on that site, I will go extremely click crazy and overwhelm myself, heheh…

    I know what you mean about feeling guilty for not posting for days. When I was a new blogger, I felt the need to post MULTIPLE times a day. But now I’m more chill (not really, lol). But don’t feel too guilty! The feeling will probably fade. I get addicted to things easily, too. Like YouTube. Or Witches of East End… I love that show 😀

    Vlogs would be cool, too! That would be really interesting 😀


    • Thanks! 🙂
      Yes, NetGalley is pretty awesome. But I’m like you–I have to learn to control myself. For now, I’m off the site until I finish the current ones I have waiting. I feel like a petulant child on time out.

      Wow, multiple times a day? I applaud you. I could never do that. I have to force myself to keep up with the once a day thing. Yes, I agree, feeling probably will fade, haha. I’m so addicted to YouTube. Especially Cinemasins and NigaHiga. I’ve never watched Witches of East End..I wonder if it’s available to be Netflixed…? haha 😀
      Yes, I think a vlog could be cool. I’ll have to give it a try in the future 🙂 🙂


  3. I get nervous about what I send onto the net too. I am also very keen to please people (even virtual people I haven’t met) and worry that the blog may get negative comments. But I’m just a worrier. Great post!


  4. I went crazy on Netgalley at first too but I think the Netgalley people kind of expect it. haha!

    I’ve always been interested on doing a vlog but I don’t even know where to begin! =/

    Great list!


    • Yes, it’s so easy to go on overload because it’s like a virtual library where you get to keep the books, haha 🙂

      Yeah, I think that’s the main problem with vlogs, is that they’re so hard to start up. I know I want to do one, but I’m not sure what my first one would be about…


  5. Heehee I am TOTALLY addicted to TV too! And that gets in the way of blogging on MANY occasions! But don’t feel bad! It happens to everyone more than you think! 😉

    Thanks for stoppin’ by! Have a great week!


  6. haha! Who doesn’t like free books? I’m glad you wound up liking blogging. I’m the opposite, I feel guilty if I post too often, like I’m bothering people. (Happy to be minion number 1032)


    • Right! They’re books! And they’re free!

      Yes, I love blogging now! Oh, no, don’t feel guilty! We follow you for a reason, you know? And thanks! Glad to know at least one person consents to be calling a minion, haha 🙂


  7. These are fantastic bookish confessions. NetGalley is, indeed, a huge addiction for me as well. When I first started blogging, I too did it for the free books, although I didn’t see it necessarily as a bad thing. You are putting the effort into reading/reviewing them, and that’s merely what all publishers want, so it’s really a win-win situation. 😉 A vlog sounds amazing. Be sure to let me know when you put one up. 😀


  8. I think every book blogger can totally relate to going a little crazy on NetGalley requests. I haven’t really thought of video book blogging yet (I wouldn’t even know what to say in front of the video cam hehe) but maybe someday in the future. 🙂


  9. Here are my confessions:
    1. I kinda had the same disease with your number 3. I’m ADDICTED on blogging and I can’t even leave my blog for a day without taking peek of it.
    1a. If only I, by any chance, cannot connected to my blog even a day, I get some kind of…paranoia? That I just keep thinking and wondering about it everytime. Oh my, this became acute. I’m so helpless.

    2. I LOVE to see my stats. I don’t know why. My blog is not really popular, but it just too nice to see there are people, out there, which I don’t even know who and where, read the thoughts I wrote down. It just, WHOA.

    The rest…. Let me think of it first. Hehehe 🙂


    • Yes, I’m glad to hear that some people out here feel me 🙂 Stats are simply fun. I think it’s just so cool to be able to see the number of people visiting you, as well as what pages they are viewing, etc.


  10. This is kind of weird, but your bloggish confessions match mine exactly. It’s kind of crazy, really. Thank goodness I’ve overcome my Netgalley problem though. I want to start vlogging one day too, but I’m afraid that it isn’t safe to show your face on the Internet. But I mean…making a video and posting it on your blog – or Youtube, as the case may be – just sounds so fun!


    • Haha, that’s a cool coincidence. Good for you for overcoming the Netgalley problem, haha. My problem with vlogging isn’t so much to show my face but that I’ll be very awkward with editing, lighting, and all that camera stuff. I don’t really know how to operate it all…but it does sound fun!


  11. Hahaha I did the same thing as you when I joined netgalley. I was so excited I requested so many books and those days when I got accepted I would get so happy. Now I have too many books to review and that’s probably affecting whether I get approved for future titles I really want or not 😦
    I also feel guilty when I don’t post often but ahh it can’t be helped sometimes!
    Hmm my bookish confession would be that I actually hate reading synopsises/blurbs when I’m buying books. I like being completely blind to what I’m getting myself into if I can. I just look at the cover and read maybe the first page to get a feel of the writing and that’s it! I’ll buy it.

    Loved this post! 🙂


    • Yes, you’re describing my feelings exactly! I wish there was a feature that would let you read the first couple of chapters, because some books have great blurbs but then I read the first page and I’m just like…oh.
      Oh, really?! You’re like my sister–sometimes she doesn’t even read the blurb until after she’s finished it. I’m the exact opposite–I have to read the blurb; I hate going in blind.

      Thank you! 😀


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