Sunday Funday: Week in Review (1)

Yay! I saw this cool meme at Girl in the Pages. It’s basically a fun way (hence funday) to talk about what’s happening in your life, apart from all that reading, of course!

Week Of: July 7th – 13th 2014

1. I finally submitted my visa application. So happy I can barely breathe. I always go overly cautious when I’m dealing with important documentations, so it took me longer than it should have to gather all the necessary materials and send this off. But I did, and now (hopefully) I’ll be able to spend the year in London as part of my study abroad program for my university. Travel is one of my favorite things in the world, and so I’m kind of freaking about this. So, seriously happy! Coming from a relatively suburban place, the chance to not just spend the year in a big city, but in a whole different country (and continent!) has me  dancing all over the place.

2. After two attempts at making macarons went less than ideal, I finally, finally got it right! I made chocolate macarons with chocolate ganache filling, and besides tasting great, they even look like real macarons! Just so you can compare the difference, here’s my second batch of macarons compared to the ones that finally behaved.

For anybody who has tried to make macarons before, they’re pretty fickle creatures, with the ability to go wrong at any small mistake, especially when you don’t follow the directions to the very letter (something I’m notorious for). After drying up about fifteen dollars in lost supplies, though, I finally got my act together! I think a pinch of cream of tartar was really what did the trick 🙂

IMG_2473 (My failed batch of macarons. They tasted ok, but were horribly wonky looking.) 


IMG_2481 (Macarons just out of the oven. They actually rose this time!) 



3. Went to see Jersey Boys (movie version, not play). The movie was good, but not great. The beginning was a bit slow, and I thought certain parts were kind of choppy and could have been put together more smoothly. The songs were cool, though, and now I have the Four Seasons on replay on my Spotify lists. Oh, what a night!

4. Been watching Netflix. Alarming amounts of Netflix. ‘Nuff said.

What have you been doing lately? Having any fundays? Let me know in the comments below! 


8 thoughts on “Sunday Funday: Week in Review (1)

  1. Ooh you’re going to London?! Lucky, I’ve always wanted to go there (but of course my parents won’t let me study abroad :/) I hope you have fun there! And lol that second batch of macarons looks much better than the first. Also, I totally understand your Netflix addiction…I’ve been watching TV shows non-stop all year ever since my friend introduced me to them >.<


    • Yes! 😀 Oh, no, that’s sad. Maybe in upcoming years they’ll change their minds!
      Yes, haha, definitely better the second time around.
      Haha, I’m so glad you understand my addiction! There are just so many great shows to get obsessed with, you know?


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