Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite TV Shows

So, every week the nice people at the Broke and the Bookish host Top Ten Tuesday. It’s a fun event that brings people together, and I really love it! So if you want to join, go check it out! 😀

This week’s Top Ten is Favoruite TV Shows, which is a bit of a departure from the usual bookish themes, and great fun, because, as any of you might know, I am a bit of a Netflix aficionado. So, with no further adieu, here is my Top Ten List (in no particular order). I was going to put GIFs in, but I have no idea how to make them work! Grr…I’m technology impaired.

1. The Vampire Diaries

Last year, I was absolutely obsessed with this show. (Meaning, absolutely obsessed with Damon, but whatever.) My sister and I had this pact that we could only watch when we were together, so it was frustrating because if we got to a huge cliffhanger and the other person was too tired to continue, then you kind of just had to stew in your angst for a while. Anyways, we’re all caught up on Netflix, eagerly awaiting the next season. I don’t like Elena as a vampire, and I think the earlier seasons were the best, but as long as Damon is still there, I’m still watching. 🙂


2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I’m on season four of this right now, and I’m having a mini panic attack because everything is changing. In real life, that’s a great and natural process. But in TV-verse, I hate it when the gang breaks apart. Angel and Cordelia have left, and even though I’m holding on because I know Spike is coming back, I’m still going through a minor grief process. But really, this show is just too kick ass to part with. I watched this show after exhausting my supply of the Vampire Diaries, and didn’t really think I was going to like it. That’s why I was so surprised to become as taken with it as I am. I love all the mini stories and subplots, and I love both Angel and Spike, and everyone is awesome in every episode, okay? I want Giles to be my mentor! He and Buffy has this sweet, mentor-mentored thing going on that no other TV show could do half as well. I’m team everyone here! Woo-hoo for Buffy the Vampire Slayer!


3. Parks and Recreation

Treat yo’ self…to this hilarious show. There are so many great characters on this show. From April to Andy to Tom, there’s no shortage of people that I love on this show. Not to mention The Ron Swanson. Or dearly departed L’il Sebastian. I love this show so much that my sister bought me a book on the history of Pawnee for Christmas. And I read it. Multiple times.


4. The Office

Pam and Jim give me my fill of the feels, while everybody else is absolutely hilarious. I don’t watch this show in any given order, I just kind of skip around to whatever season and episode I feel like. Also, I haven’t watched many episodes after Michael left, because how could I? But I did watch the episode where Dwight proposed to Angela, and I’m not ashamed to say I cried a little.


5. Pretty Little Liars

I started off with the books, but they went on forever, and as I started to get tired of them, I picked up on the TV version. I love how different everything is, and that it keeps me guessing. I also feel more connected to the characters on the TV show rather than the book, something that is pretty rare. If mystery and thrills weren’t enough motive to watch this show, the cast always wears such fabulous clothes, and then there’s Ezra Fitz, of course…


6. Family Guy

It’s obnoxious, it’s crude, and sometimes it’s even stupid. But when I need something to take my mind off things, I turn to Family Guy. It’s a pick-me-up, and although I know lots of people hate this show, it makes me laugh, and Stewie and Brian together are a perfect pairing.


7. Law and Order: SVU

The reason I have to watch Family Guy is often because I watch too many episodes of Law and Order, freak myself out, and need to watch something irreverent in exchange. But Law and Order is just so good. Each episode is an intense, breathless journey, and the writers aren’t afraid to make a bittersweet, or just plain bitter, ending. This inevitably keeps me on my toes the whole episode, because dang it, I want a happy ending!


8. That 70’s Show

Probably the first really funny show that I ever started to watch. And it’s as funny now as it was then. They just had an awesome cast going for them, with awesome jokes, and an awesome vibe. There are days when all I want is the chance to be hanging out in Eric’s basement with the rest of them, and Hyde was one of my first TV show crushes.


9. America’s Got Talent

I’m actually watching this show as I write this post. It’s different from all the other shows I have on here in that it’s reality. People audition with a ride range of talents. You never know what you’re going to get from this show, whether it be crazily synchronized dancers, perfect Impressionists, or spectacular magicians. There’s something so delightful in never knowing who is going to venture up onto that stage next.


10. Pokemon

What can I say? I used to be overly armoured with Pokemon. Like, crazily in love with. I went to my local video store to rent Pokemon movies so many times that eventually they started giving them to me as gifts. I still remember being able to sing the song with all the Pokemon in it, and I used to collect all the cards, and even stuffed animals in the shape of various Pokemon. Now, I’m not nearly as Pokemon orientated, but the original seasons just came back on Netflix, so I’m having fun reliving my childhood. Gotta catch ’em all!


That’s my list. What’s yours? Let me know in the comments below! 😀


30 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite TV Shows

  1. I feel the same way about PLL! I read the first book and really didn’t feel the love for it, but the show is amazing! Great list, and glad to see so much TVD love this week (although I admit, it WAS better before Elena was a vampire!)

    My TTT


    • Yes! Like they are good books, but I never was obsessed with them like I am with the show. Yes! It’s surprising to see how so many people love the Vampire Diaries! (Yes–now there’s so much angst, and she’s getting all evil-y and stuff…)


  2. haha I was a big Pokemon fan too! I haven’t watched/played any of the new ones though.

    Season four was when I started Buffy, so I didn’t know anything had changed. I remember really liking it until she got a sister.


  3. I have fan-girl crushes on Damon and Hyde, too! I am so completely jealous that you get to watch Buffy for the first time – but it’s still great even after about five re-viewings. It is hard with some of the changes in characters but trust in Joss, he will not disappoint! I want to watch Pretty Little Liars – maybe that’s the next series I should start.


    • Haha, yes! Something about that anti-authority, bad boy type, you know? Yes, I can’t believe it took me so long to get to it, because I’ve known about how popular it was for years now! Yes, I hear that it’s still strong even after all the huge changes, so that’s good at least, although I do miss Angel!

      Yeah, you should. The early seasons are especially great, and if you like the VD then you’ll enjoy PLL as well.


  4. Someone who has not finished watching Buffy – I so wish I could be you right now!! Season 4 does have a lot of changes, it’s not my favourite season, and after that, you’ve no idea what you’re in for! Great list, though I stopped waiting for TVD once Elena was turned, it lost most of its tension, I think.


    • 😀 Yes, I am really liking Buffy, and so am kind of glad it took me so long to get to it. Wait, I have no idea what I’m in for in a good way?! If so, yay! Yeah, TVD was definitely in its prime during the first couple of seasons, although I’m sticking with it because I have hopes that it’ll get its second wind.


  5. The Office and That 70’s show were really good!
    As for Pokemon,although I didn’t watch the series,I absolutely adored playing the games on Game Boy Advance!


  6. I used to love watching the vampire diaries, but lost it around the time Elena became a vampire and started preferring Damon to Stefan. I really do want to get back into it though.
    My best friend has been trying to get me to watch Pretty Little Liars for a very long time, think I may get round to that one this summer 🙂 Great list!


    • Yeah, I think the first couple of seasons are where it’s at. But I love Damon, so I’m not too upset that Elena is leaning toward him, haha 🙂
      Yes! You must watch PLL. It’s so suspenseful and mysterious!


    • Haha, yeah, there were definitely some episodes where I teared up. Like the time Pikachu almost joined the pack of wild Pikachus, and there was this whole montage of Ash and Pikachu’s time together. :,,,(


  7. My kids are currently into Pokemon so it brings back fond memories of watching the TV show :). If you want a cool rendition of the main theme, Lindsey Stirling does a great adaptation of it:

    I also loved the Office, but stopped watching it a little after Pam and Jim got married. I should really pick up watching that show again because I loved it! You have a good selection!


    • Wow, that was really great. They were both awesome, and such a nice twist on the original song.

      Yeah, the Office is great! I haven’t watched too far after Pam and Jim’s marriage, because after Micheal left I got too sad to continue for a while. I’m picking back up on it now.


  8. It’s cute that you have Pokemon on your list! I used to watch anime all the time but now haven’t found the time to watch anything. I miss them. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and for dropping by my TTT 🙂


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