Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Characters I’d Want on a Deserted Island With Me

It is Top Ten Tuesday time, otherwise known as one of the greatest days for making bookish lists. This week’s topic is Top 10 Characters I’d Want on a Deserted Island With Me. Hmmm…the possibilities! As always, Top Ten Tuesday is hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish. So, after you’re done reading my list, go on over there and join Top Ten Tuesday yourself! 😀



Top 10 Characters I’d Want On a Deserted Island With Me (In No Particular Order) 

…For Their Physical Abilities

1. Katsa from Graceling

The girl has the power of survival. ‘Nuff said.

2. Katniss from the Hunger Games

I know a lot of people probably included her, but I mean, you can see why. She’s already had experience in extreme living, and she’d be the designated hunter.

3. Wesley from the Princess Bride

He got Buttercup through the Fire Swamp, he could get me through my stint on the island.

4. Jace from the Mortal Instruments

I mean, Jace belongs in two categories. Like, I wouldn’t mind at all being stuck on a deserted island with him, because he’s just so Jace-ish, but also if anyone tried to attack the island, then he’d be able to help ward them off.

…For Their Minds 

5. Artemis Fowl

He might be young, but he’s a genius, and if anybody knows how to get a group of eleven people off a deserted island, it’s this kid.

6. Hermione Granger

Magic seems like a smart choice if you’re going to be on a deserted island, and what’s a better wizard to include than the Hermione Granger? Not only is she magic, but she’s also one of the smartest wizards I could choose. Duel deal!

…For Them 

7. Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries

Because he’s ruthless enough to make sure that I survive, and because he’s an excellent hunter, and because, well, you know…he’s Damon Salvatore. That’s kind of reason enough. I mean, swooooon. Plus, the actor who plays Damon in the TV show is Ian Somerhalder, and he’s already had experience with the whole mysterious island thing.

8. Dave the Laugh from the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson Series

I think when stranded on a deserted island it’s important to have someone that can lighten the mood. Dave the Laugh is perfect for this–I mean, his name says it all. He’s just the kind of person to have when you’re sitting around the campfire that Katsa has started, telling stories to pass the time.

9. Fred and George Weasley (No, it’s not cheating to combine the two of them!)

I picked these two for the same reason I picked Dave the Laugh. Because while the other people are busy helping the group survive/get off the island, these two would be starting massive prank wars, or else telling us all about the time they exploding the upstairs bathroom. Plus, I imagine they would be down for a massive game of hide-n-seek through the forest. Okay…so, probably including these two might put me more in danger than not, but I too like to live dangerously. (What? That reference doesn’t even work in this context…) And, to be honest, I’ve always had a crush on the Weasley twins.

10. Suze from the Mediator Series

Because I think I would need at least one good friend, and in terms of gathering wood piles and hunting down little rabbits, Suze and I are at about the same level: that is to say, miserable. Seriously, I mean, I don’t think I’d be much help at a deserted island. I’m not saying that I’m horrible at survival, but I am saying that I’d probably manage to drop a bucket of water on all the firewood, gather the berries that make everyone sick for days, and lead a wild, furious hog back to our camp sight. So, yeah, pretty horrible. But Suze and I could tan on the shore of the beach and gossip during the days, and plus, if anybody had mysteriously died on the island, Suze would know what to avoid.

So, that’s my Top 10 Tuesday. What’s yours? Are any of our picks the same? Let me know in the common below! 


33 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Characters I’d Want on a Deserted Island With Me

    • Thank you! They would be so fun to have around. Definitely would lighten the mood. Haha, yes, it definitely should. It could be used in so many different situations to describe those elite few that are deemed worthy to be compared to him.


  1. I’m missing the Vampire Diaries already with all of this Damon talk. Sniffff. It’s been so long since I’ve heard anyone mention Suze! I used to love the mediator and had 4/5 of the books. I sadly gave them away in my older teenage years… I don’t know why I ever did that.


    • Haha, yes it’s so easy to miss the Vampire Diaries. Love the show!
      Haha, yes same here! The only one I’m missing is the last book. Oh no, maybe it’s time to re-read them? Because Meg Cabot is releasing a new Mediator installment soon!


  2. I don’t like Elena or Caroline. I heard Ian is dating Nikki Reed. She’d make a great vampire, having already played similar role in the Twilight movie franchise! 🙂


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