Top Ten Tuesday: Authors Who I Own the Most Books From

Hello, everyone! It’s Tuesday, which is, of course, the day for Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. I haven’t posted something in quite a while, and for that, I can only say…oops. I’m going to try and post more regularly this week, although I’m notoriously sneaky when it comes to keeping my word. Still, at least I’m planning on it, so stay tuned, haha. Anyways, this week’s topic is the Authors Who I Own the Most Books From. This list was pretty illuminating to me, because, honestly, I had no idea how many books I owned from some authors, and how not-so-many I owned from others. Like Meg Cabot, for example. I thought I had around fifteen. Oh, how wrong I was. How very, very wrong.

Anyways, here is my list!

1. Meg Cabot : 20 21 23 24 26 27 books.

Wow. Even I didn’t realize how many Cabot books I have, but I guess that’s why she’s one of my favorite authors (well, actually, vice versa, but still). As I was browsing my shelf for other books that make it onto this list, I kept finding new Cabot books that I didn’t even realize I had. The Princess Diaries Series alone is 10 of those books, though, and then The Mediator series adds another five (I don’t have the last book). So, when you look at it that way, it makes sense. Cabot is releasing an eleventh Princess Diaries book soon, as well as a seventh Mediator series, and I could not be more thrilled!

2. R.L. Stine: 14 books

As a child, R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books were the most horrifying things ever, and I felt so badass whenever I read one, like, look who’s a horror buff now, hmm? I have quite a few Fear Street books from him, too, but when you look at my total (14) out of all the hundreds of books that he has, it’s not that big a sum. But it does lead to the question…how can R.L. Stine have written all these books?! Now, that’s spooky.

3. Louise Rennison: 12 books

Including the whole of the Confessions of the Georgia Nicolson series, as well as the first and third book of the Tallulah Casey books. I would read whatever this woman puts into print.

4. L.J. Smith: 10 books

Most of the L.J. Smith books that I have are in omnibus form,so technically I have a lot more than 10. But un-technically, I have ten. My favorite is the Night World series, because it’s a new character every book, and so if I don’t like one character than she/he’ll be gone by the next one.

5. Janet Evanovich: 10 books

All Stephanie Plum ones, which are a great series of books. I used to have 12 of hers, but every time I board a plane, I somehow mysteriously lose one…so bad, I know.

6. Eoin Colfer: 8 books

I love this man. His books are always irresistibly witty, sarcastic, and captivating. I wish I had even more than eight books from him.

7. J.K. Rowling: 7 books

I wasn’t sure what amount of books to put for J.K. Rowling, because technically I share a lot of them with my sister. So I decided to go with the ones that I physically have in my room, as opposed to in my house. I have all of them but the fifth and the sixth, which are on my sister’s bookshelves, and which I really need to buy for myself as I’m moving out in a month. But anyways, five Harry Potter books combined with the Casual Vacancy and the Cuckoo’s Calling.

8. Anthony Horowitz: 7 books

All part of the Alex Rider series. Best. Action. Books. Ever.

9.  Ann Brashares: 6 books

Including all five of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pant’s series, and the Last Summer (Of You and Me). The latter of which I haven’t read.

10. A four way tie between Sarah Dessen, Helen Fielding, Suzanne Collins, and Holly Black, all of whom I own 5 books from.

The 5 and 4 category was pretty congested, and there are probably even a few more authors on the 5 list, although in my initial overview I didn’t manage to catch them.

What books do you own the most of from any given author? What books do you wish you own the most of from any given author? Let me know in the comments below! 


16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Authors Who I Own the Most Books From

  1. great list and a good mix too. I have a few the same and agree with the Alex Rider series. I only have the last few to read, but don’t want it to end


      • definitely need to re-read it. I read my copies to pieces so last year I bought the new bind ups of the series, which have horrible new titles. I just hope the cover matches!


        • Oh yeah, I saw that the publishers re-released them in omnibus form. So weird that they would change the titles, though–they were fine to begin with. Yes, haha, that would certainly be nice, although my covers are already mismatched…


  2. Nice collection! I was into Goosebumps too, but I gave all of mine to my mother. (She’s a fifth grade school teacher.) I love finding books I didn’t know I owned, it’s the best! I also share my Harry Potter books with my sister, but she left them here when she moved out so… mine now. 😉


    • Thanks 🙂 Ah, I see. Well, at least you put them to good use! Fifth grade is prime time for Goosebumps. Haha, that was definitely good news for you then! I’m thinking I’m just going to sneak them all into my suitcase when I leave…


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