Why? Whyyy? WHY? (Basically, me whining)



Look at it. Look at it. 

Pardon my use of bold and italics, but I’m in a state of extreme over dramatics right now, wherein everything I say and do is five times more hyped up than it needs to be. But, even acknowledging that…IT’S JUST NOT FAIR.

This is the third time I’ve checked, in the second local bookstore I’ve gone to, for Cress, the third book in the Lunar Chronicles series, and it’s never there. I just want to know what happens. Please. Please, world, you can’t leave me hanging like this. You have one copy of Cinder left. You have several copies of Scarlet. But never, ever any copies of Cress. 

And yes, I could be proactive and say, go to another bookstore that is known for having a wider selection of books. Or, I could, say, order it online. Maybe I could stop writing this blog post and just go to the bookstore online and reserve a copy, waiting the necessary seven days or so for it to come in.


But the truth is, I’m just too lazy. I’ll walk every day to the bookstore looking idly for a copy of Cress, but I won’t take the three minutes it would take to reserve my own copy online. Why is this? Honestly, I’m not sure.

One theory of mine is that since I just *have* to keep checking the bookstore, I get to keep *accidentally* buying replacement books. Seriously. In the quest for Cress, I’ve found myself with Fangirl, The Secret History, Throne of Glass, We Were Liars, Sharp Objects, and Mockingjay. Guys, this is bordering on a problem. I think a big component of it is that right now, I don’t have a library card, because I’m in the process of finding a new library. In the resulting book famine, I just can’t control myself.  It’s like I’m Becky from Confessions of a Shopaholic, and I’m filling my head with these awful delusions that if I just keep looking for one book, then the rest of the books I’m buying aren’t actually real. But my wallet says they are real. Oh so wonderfully, terribly, beautifully, achingly real. I know this, and yet I still find myself wondering into the bookstore much more often than I can afford. I guess love really is blinding.

But not literally blinding, you know, otherwise I wouldn’t really need to buy all of those books.

Anyways, at risk of rambling (and I know that I do too much of that as it is–I try to edit my posts down to spare you guys!), let me end this post with a question.

Do you find yourself buying books beyond the point of reason? What do you do to quell the urge to buy, read, buy, and read some more? Or do you just give into bookish lust with the reasoning that skipping dinner every night is just that worth it? 




29 thoughts on “Why? Whyyy? WHY? (Basically, me whining)

  1. That’s how bookstores get you! They never have the book you NEED but a ton that you Want, thereby making you buy at least one of those pretties you want and forcing you to come back later to look for the one you NEED.

    But yes I do have this same problem! I buy way too many books, but…they’re so pretty, and they look at me with their bedroom eyes and I can’t resist! =)

    Stay strong.


    • *gasp*
      You’re right! I think you’ve uncovered the secret plot of the bookstores! They reel you in with the first two books, and then once they KNOW that you’re going to come back for the third, they yank it out of print for a while! Sneaky, cheeky little things, bookstores are. 🙂

      I know, books are just irresistible.

      I will try. I will try.


  2. First of all Sharp Objects was a good one, second of all I will literally buy books any chance i get even if I have plenty to read. If there was a bookstore closer than 30 minutes away from my house i would be there every day.


    • Yes. Sharp Objects was awesome. I don’t regret buying any of them, actually. I just…regret…buying them? Actually that made no sense. Suffice it to say I love books, but I wish I made more money, haha.

      I think that that’s also a big part of why I’ve been book binging. Before, the nearest bookstore was a 25 minute drive (I don’t own a car), but now that I live in the city, there’s a gazillion in walking distance.

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    • I used to have a Nook, and I have an I-pad that I can read things on, but I just never seem to get around to it. It’s not that I particularly mind reading things on the Nook or iPad, I just like reading physical copies more.

      But the convenience of the Nook is certainly a revolutionary thing!


  3. I completely feel your pain. I’m rereading the Heroes of Olympus series and none of the stores, except for the Books-a-Million we rarely go to, have The Son of Neptune, which is the second book and I need it because I didn’t own any of them before.


    • Ugh, the struggle.
      There’s just something so terrible about desperately wanting to read a book, but not being able to. (Although the anticipation and excitement of it can make getting the book that much more awesome, I suppose.)


  4. Haha, that sounds like a really good series so I understand your need for Cress. I got into a really compulsive habit in the last year or so. I’d buy books and books because I thought they sounded like really good reads–even though I have a ton of books at home I haven’t read yet. Crazy, huh?


    • Yeah, they’re great! I didn’t think I would like a Cinderella retelling very much, but I was definitely proved wrong.

      I do the same thing. Gosh, last summer I found the $1 section at a Half Price Books Store…dude, I was basically drowning in paperbacks. I had to do a book cleanse and give a lot them away a few months ago. It was tragic.

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    • Haha, I don’t know if I would say I have good self-control…I just hate waiting for the books to arrive from online when I could get it within an hour at the bookstore, but then it’s never at the bookstore, so I actually end up waiting weeks. Haha, it’s a horrible system I use.


  5. I buy way too many books, I know this. I recently did a little cleaning off of some of my bookcases, so now I can go back to the bookstore! I had to edit this comment, because I realized I was taking up a whole page talking (babbling) about my love for buying books. I might have a problem. I hope you eventually find Cress and a new library.


  6. I recommend the library as well. In fact, I managed to grab an impulse book there today. My husband and I were on an ice cream run with a friend, and I convinced them to stop at the library on the way. Yay for book splurges that don’t dent my wallet!


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