Spooky Spines (My Favorite Creepy Books)

Okay. Okay.

I admit it. My titles are the epitome of lame. In fact, my usual blog post title thinking process is taking an adjective that relates to my post, and pairing it with a bookish word that starts with the same letter. I’m all about that alliteration. So although I know it’s hard, please don’t judge me too harshly. I’m in the midst of midterms at my university, and so I’m a bit frazzle brained right now.

Anyways, I’ve been in a very Halloween-y mood this week. I’ve been snacking on cupcakes decorated like pumpkins, watching episode after episode of Goosebumps on Netflix, and scoping out ideas for my Halloween outfit. Halloween is not my favorite holiday or anything–I’m just a really festive person who lives for the chance to celebrate. I especially like celebrations that include eating candy corn. Just saying.

That said, I was studying (really, procrastinating studying, but same thing, right?) for my exams tomorrow when I happened to glance down at my toolbar (looking for something that would make me procrastinate my studies) and saw the date. When I realized that it was the 13th, I started thinking ‘ooooh, spooky stuff…ooooh, Halloween….oooh, it’s not even Friday, but ooooooh’. And then I thought: Oh, hooray! I’ve found something that will allow me to procrastinate. And then I logged onto WordPress to bring to you:

My Halloween Hall of Fame: The 5 Creepiest Books I’ve Read 


It was only when I started composing this list that I realized something…I have not read that many horror novels. For some reason, I thought I had read a lot more than I really have. Maybe because I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about maybe reading horror books like American Psycho or Misery. ‘They’re so popular!’ I’ll tell myself. ‘I should really read them so that I can form my own opinions and thoughts on them.’ And then I remember: I’m a wimp. And I read the Princess Diaries instead. Still, I have read a few scary stories, and the best of them are:

5. Cell by Stephen King

This is the only one of Stephen King’s horror stories that I’ve read. I attempted one other, wimped out twenty pages in, and read Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America instead. When I read Cell, I was more interested in forcing myself to finally read a Stephen King novel than I was in the actual plot. But suffice it to say that there were Zombies. And blood, violence, and shocks. It was like a scary movie, but in book form!

4. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Although Gone Girl is her most famous book, it was Dark Places that made me cringe the most. The whole thing sent chills down my spine. Ack. The ending made sense in a weird, twisted, ‘oh my gosh, I see the light–er, dark’ way, and I’ll end with this: those poor cows!

3. Dracula by Bram Stoker

I can’t make a Halloween book list without leaving our Transylvanian friend out of the loop. This book is a classic, and it’s more ominous tension and creepy guys eating flies than it is gore and guts. That means you can read it at night and actually get some sleep later on…if you don’t end up reading all night, that is.

2. I Am Legend and Other Stories by Richard Matheson

My cousins’s boyfriend gifted this book to me while I was visiting my cousin in Korea a couple summers back. All of the libraries in the area were, of course, Korean, and as I can understand only basic Korean I was going through book withdrawals. Even though horror isn’t my usual genre, I gratefully consumed this collection of stories in less than a day. While I Am Legend still makes me shiver occasionally, the short stories that came with it were also fear-worthy.

And finally:

1. The Goosebumps Series by R.L. Stine

So, maybe not *the* most terrifying books on the planet…but, I certainly could never get enough of them come Halloween. And, yes, maybe it’s cheating to put a whole series on this list, but how could I choose between Say Cheese and Die! and Attack of the Mutant?

Really, all of the spine-tingly books in this classic series are forever entertaining, and will forever be giving me: that’s right, Goosebumps.

What are your favorite creepy reads? Do you agree with my choices? Let me know in the comments! 



12 thoughts on “Spooky Spines (My Favorite Creepy Books)

  1. I’m a complete horror wimp too. It doesn’t bother me as much in movies as books, my imagination just gets carried away. I am so jealous that you can read in another language! My language skills totally stink. haha Any horror list has to include Goosebumps. My list, aside from Goosebumps is Fear Street, Christopher Pike and Skulduggery Pleasant. (Yes all my horror reads are kids books.)


    • Haha movies bother me, too, but at least I’m usually with a group of friends that I can scream with.
      Oh, well the book was actually in English! I can read Korean, though…just can’t understand it. At all. I’m only half Korean, so I use that as an excuse for my bilingual lameness.
      Haha, no shame to have kids books as your horror reads! They are the best!


  2. I’m not a horror fan either, although I have read several Stephen King books – The Shining, The Stand, and Misery. The Abhorsen books are kind of creepy, what with all the necromancers and dead creatures. Robin McKinley’s Sunshine is a great vampire book.
    I guess I’ve read more scary books than I realized. 😛


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