See Ya’ Next Week


Going volunteering in Wales. Yay!

There’s no wi-fi, or connection where my volunteer group is staying. Boo!

So for the next couple of days I’m going to be ankles deep in the mud, doing manual labor, completely phone, computer, and iPad-less. I’ve stayed off the inter-webs that long before, of course, but something about being in an area where NOBODY an be on the internet should be an interesting, refreshing experience. Hopefully. Maybe I’m more attached than I think…

That said,

See you guys next week!


14 thoughts on “See Ya’ Next Week

    • Thanks, haha. I will try my mightiest. I do get to tour the area, so that part should be awesome.

      But yeah, I have a feeling internet withdrawal might be thing. I have a blog that I need to maintain, after all, haha 😀


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