PSA: Harper Lee is Publishing a Second Book

Exactly what it sounds like.

Since this is a book blog, I feel that I can’t NOT make a post about this. Just a short one. As most everybody who has graduated from high school knows, Harper Lee is the author of the famous To Kill a Mockingbird. Until now, that has been her only book released.

<Side note: Surprisingly, I never was asked to read To Kill a Mockingbird in my school. I don’t know why, because other students in other classes did. So, actually, until very recently I had never even opened To Kill a Mockingbird. I’m in the middle of reading it now, though, so at least I’m finally getting around to it.>

Apparently the new book is called Go Set a Watchman and features Scout Finch as an adult. The book was written in the 1950s, and To Kill a Mockingbird actually came out of the flashbacks from Go Set a Watchman. Probably this all would be a lot more cool and astounding to me if I had finished To Kill a Mockingbird or if it was an old classic to me, but it’s still shocking news. I mean, to publish a book so long after the original publishing date is one thing, but to publish a book so long after the original publishing date when that book is as famous and widely read as To Kill a Mockingbird…well, let’s just say there’ll be some high expectations! I can’t wait to see whether this book fulfills them. I truly hope it does.

Anyways, since I know that most everybody but me has read the novel, I just thought I’d let you know! (Even though I’m usually so behind on trending topics that this is probably not news to most of you, haha).

Anyways, got to get back to reading so that I can be up to date with everything when this book comes out 🙂

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