PSA: Harper Lee is Publishing a Second Book

Exactly what it sounds like.

Since this is a book blog, I feel that I can’t NOT make a post about this. Just a short one. As most everybody who has graduated from high school knows, Harper Lee is the author of the famous To Kill a Mockingbird. Until now, that has been her only book released.

<Side note: Surprisingly, I never was asked to read To Kill a Mockingbird in my school. I don’t know why, because other students in other classes did. So, actually, until very recently I had never even opened To Kill a Mockingbird. I’m in the middle of reading it now, though, so at least I’m finally getting around to it.>

Apparently the new book is called Go Set a Watchman and features Scout Finch as an adult. The book was written in the 1950s, and To Kill a Mockingbird actually came out of the flashbacks from Go Set a Watchman. Probably this all would be a lot more cool and astounding to me if I had finished To Kill a Mockingbird or if it was an old classic to me, but it’s still shocking news. I mean, to publish a book so long after the original publishing date is one thing, but to publish a book so long after the original publishing date when that book is as famous and widely read as To Kill a Mockingbird…well, let’s just say there’ll be some high expectations! I can’t wait to see whether this book fulfills them. I truly hope it does.

Anyways, since I know that most everybody but me has read the novel, I just thought I’d let you know! (Even though I’m usually so behind on trending topics that this is probably not news to most of you, haha).

Anyways, got to get back to reading so that I can be up to date with everything when this book comes out 🙂

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The Sequel

The sequel to what, you may be asking? Did I do a post, and this is a follow-up to that post? No. This is literally a post about sequels! And, more specifically, the awesome-yes-I’m-so-happy ones, and the now-I-can’t-speak-for-the-tears-will-come dissapointing ones. There’s an abundance of each, with some stories needlessly dragging on with little plot, lots of clichĂ©, and general confusing-ness, but with others rising and expanding from their previous books and going on to become even better, 2.0 versions. And a lot of books that have horrible sequels have originals that make it onto my favorite list, while not all that have great sequels make it onto my favorite’s list at all. Either way, here, I have a list of my top 5 sequel wins, and my bottom 5 sequel fails.

Sequel Wins 

1. The Harry Potter Series

The first book was great. We’re introduced to Harry and his friends. They take down a troll, deal with Mr. Snape, and use their individual advantages to stop Voldemort and save the day. Plus, we get to see a bunch of wizard candy and treats on the train to Hogwarts. I love the first book. But the series doesn’t become epic until later books. Harry grows up, and so does the depth and maturity of the writing, and so many delicious plot twists are introduced and put together, and the characters become your best friends, and you secretly develop a crush on Sirius Black, and–oh…oh, wait. Was that last one only me?

2. The Alex Rider Series

For anyone who is a fan of this bestselling action spy series by Anthony Horowitz, then give me your feedback. Do you, also, like the sequels even more than the original? Because I feel like there’s some divide on this. On one hand, the emotional vulnerability and connection to the reader that Alex develops is most prominent in the first book and other earlier ones. He hardens as time goes by, and in some ways, becomes a little intimidating. But I still like the sequels better, because the other characters in the book really have the opportunity to grow and show off their background. Like Mr. Smithers! Ah, Mr. Smithers…too epic.

3. The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson Series

Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging was a great start to one of my favorite series ever, but let’s be real. Things weren’t at the prime until Dave and Georgia’s true friendship developed, and Masimo came in.

4. The Stephanie Plum Series

Our little bounty hunter is just starting out in the first book, but the series grows progressively as the books go by. Plus, Ranger is featured more, and I’m definitely Team Babe in that aspect, so…yeah. I do feel that the first book has more of the mystery/cop style writing going down, while sequels take it more lighthearted and frivolous.

5. The Sisters Grimm Series

If you haven’t read these adorable, awesome fairytale books, then you have to, no matter what your age. I haven’t really watched much Once Upon a Time, but from what my friends tell me, the book follows a similar format–with all these classic fairytale people in one town, many being highlighted in different books. In any case, in the first book, the main character, Sabrina, is bossy and irritating. In subsequent books, I actually begin to like her. Always a good thing to promote a books’ sequels.

Sequel Not So Wins 

1. Bridget Jones Series

Bridget Jone’s Diary is my go to book when I’m feeling down, and need a little pumping up. It’s v. funny, and Bridget wins so many times over. That said, the second one was a disappointment. It just lacked the energy, verve, and sparkle of the first book, and I prefer to just laud over the original. The third diary, released somewhat recently, improved upon the second, although the first book is still my favorite by far.

2. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Okay, I love a lot of the sequels of this book. That is to say, 1-4 were great. Fantastic! Really. But then came the fifth, geared toward adults. It featured the sisters all grown up. WHY? WHY? Why couldn’t Ann Brashares just stop after the fourth, and leave us all with the lingering sense of completion? And I’m not even mad because of *spoiler alert, stop reading, stop reading, stop it!* Tibby dies, but because the whole book was three hundred pages of sadness, and ten pages of completion. It wasn’t fun to read, like the previous four books, and instead of becoming more close to the characters, I felt distanced. The Sisterhood should have ended after the fourth.

3. The Vampire Diaries

Because several of the sequels were written by ghostwriters. L.J. Smith, the original author, was terminated from further books, and in my book (he-he, book) that is not okay.

4. Uglies

I loved the first book. I loved the second book. The third was where it lost me. Specials, and then Extras, were good books, but they didn’t live up to the original. They were kind of confusing, and I no longer felt the connection to the characters that I felt in the first two books.

5. The Devil Wears Prada

I haven’t actually read the sequel to that, but that’s only because I heard it was so astonishingly horrid. Just look at the Goodreads plummet. The first book has a score of 3.6, while the sequel has a shockingly low 2.7. The first book was told in first person, and Andrea’s thoughts were really what made it as funny as it was, while the second one is, for some reason, in third point of view, and it apparently lacks everything that makes the first one appealing. I don’t know though, so if you’ve read these two books–give me your opinion. Is it really as bad as everyone says it is?!


So, what do you think? Do you agree with my picks of sequels that are even better than the one before, or disagree? What about the sequels that were worse? What are you favorite sequels, and what are some sequels that disappointed you and the original novel? Let me know in the comments!