Sunday Funday: Week in Review (2)

With the end of the week comes a week in review, hosted by Girl in the Pages.  This is a fun meme that has you recapping the things that’s been happening in your life, whether book related or not. If you want to join in, click on the link above–it’ll take you to Cristina’s page where she explains what the meme is all about.

It’s summer time, which means I have a fair measure of free time floating around. That said, you’d think I’d be doing all these cool things and adventures, when in reality I’m just kind of milling around, drinking coffee at coffee places and reading books at home. Not that I don’t love doing those things, but they’re kind of a given for me, you know? I’ve done a couple of different things this week, though.


  • I made baklava. This dessert dates back to the Assyrians in the 8th century B.C., and consists of seven hundred thousand like twenty layers of phyllo dough, whose sole purpose in life is to dissolve into sneaky little shreds that are then deemed unusable until you go into rage mode and start tearing them into shreds on purpose. Between these layers go chopped up nuts, and lots of butter, before you bake it and drench it in honey sauce.

Even though I had a little trouble with it (I’m looking at you phyllo dough, and you, almost empty pot of honey) Baklava wasn’t as hard to make as I imagined it to be. And that’s saying something, because I’m no gourmet chef. Like, I’ve been baking more often lately, but that’s only because I like challenges, and cooking is somewhat of a challenge to me. Anyways, if you want to try your own hand at Baklava, the recipe I used was based on the one here: The Kitchn, with a couple of twists because I ran out of honey, and had to improvise…



(This is the baklava pre-syrup, so it looks more glossy afterwards. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the after version until several chunks were torn out unceremoniously.) 

  • I cut my hair. Well, not I personally, but I in a decision-making way. It’s now a little below shoulder length, and when I saw those huge chunks of dead ends falling to the floor, I had to summon the strength that every Gryffindor possesses. My friends! My memories! The long-haired time we spent together shall not be forgotten…and, truth be told, it will probably be back in a couple of months. But still.


  • Speaking of Gryffindor, when I’m bored, I take quizzes, and I was particularly bored at three in the morning last night, so I ended up taking a 150 question test that sorts you into your Hogwarts House. This test is one of the coolest I’ve found, because it’s so comprehensive, and bases it more off personality traits than ‘what would you do in this situation’ questions. Don’t trust me, though. Go take it for yourself, and tell me what house you were sorted into! I got Gryffindor, followed a little ways behind by Slytherin.(Harry Potter Quiz)
  • I also had to go get a shot this week. It went a lot smoother than I thought it would go. In fact, if you’re interested, this was the unofficial transcript:

Me: You must not embarrass yourself, Erin. Stop shaking. Stop that. And don’t make that face. Oh, no. The nurse is coming closer…oh, no…she has the needle with her. Oh, my gosh, that’s not even a needle. That’s a sharpened version of the Empire State Building. 

Nurse: Are you ready?

Me: Of course. I love shots.

Nurse: Okay, in that case, you’re going to need to give me your arm.

Me: The needle has to go INSIDE ME? This is worse than I could have imagined. Maybe I don’t need the shot…yes, I need it for my university, but does anybody really need an education? Maybe if I take laughing gas first, then I’ll be ready, and–

Nurse: Done.

Me: What? Preens. I’m so brave! 

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t that bad. But I was definitely anticipating the pain, and when the shot came, I realized that I’ve had more intense ant bites. I never know why I hype up needles to be more than they are; I’m not exactly new to pain. My brother and I used to play a game where we’d slap each other until someone gave, and that was considered fun, so I really should have no trouble, but what can I say?

After I was done, I decided to reward myself by going to the nearby Starbucks. I’m not that much of a girly girl, but you would not know that by my choice of drink. I introduce to you: the iced caramel macchiatto with two pumps of raspberry.



(Order for the delicious fruity-caramel flavor. Instagram for the appearance.)

  • And finally, I ordered the newest Nancy Drew in order to indulge my inner-sleuth. (Warning: My inner sleuth was drinking coffee and drawing pictures on her wrist when the instructions on how to be a proper detective were passed out.) I always get super excited to play a new Nancy Drew game, but I love it more for the story lines than the actual solving puzzles thing. Usually I have the walk-through pulled up on my phone to sneak glances whenever I get stuck for too long. I can’t help it! I just want to know who the villain is, and what happens in the end! This means I usually blow through a Nancy game in less than a week, while my sister actually solves the riddles and ends up taking six or seven months, working meticulously on the game, taking the time to read the journals, use up every conversation line on the people, etc. Anyways, after the completion of Nancy Drew #30, I got to see a teaser clip for the next one. Which, can I say this: YES. It takes place in Greece, and it centers on the mythology of Hades and Persephone. I’m psyched out! I’m so excited I might not even use the walk through fifty percent of the time…maybe.

How has your week been? Done anything interesting or out of the norm or normal or not interesting but you want to share? Let me know in the comments below! 😀 



11 thoughts on “Sunday Funday: Week in Review (2)

  1. Ok I’m sorry to use capital letters to internet shout but I AM SO HAPPY I’VE FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE WHO PLAYS THE NANCY DREW GAMES TOO!!!!!! I’VE YET TO MEET SOMEONE RANDOMLY WHO PLAYS/KNOWS ABOUT THEM AND I’M SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW! I just finished shattered medallion as well (and I’m just like you, so short tempered with the puzzles, I play much more for the clues/story lines) and CANNOT WAIT for Labyrinth of Lies!


    • Haha, Yay! Yes, the Nancy Drew games are the best!!! Yay, thank goodness I’m not the only one, because I always feel so ashamed every time I turn to the walk through but I can’t help, it’s like an addiction! Same here! Labryinth of Lies looks like it could be one of the better ones. I always like the dark, mysterious kinds that scare me more than they should, haha. I thought shattered medallion was good, but not very suspenseful. What about you?


      • Shattered Medallion was really not what I was expecting! I was excited to learn about Sonny Joon but I felt like there wasn’t really a traditional mystery in the game. I love the scarier ones even though I get freaked out really easily (like Shadow at the Water’s Edge or Ghost of Thorton Hall…have you played either of those?)


        • Exactly. Like, I felt the mystery and suspense parts were more of a subplot to the game itself while the Reality TV show had the bulk of the action. Yes, I’ve played both of those. Shadow at the Water’s Edge freaked me out, especially the water part where you’re trapped. I think I might have screamed when Nancy fell in…


          • I think I literally cried the first time I played through it and the lights go off in the bathroom and then the lady appears in the mirror *shudder* I had NO idea it was coming and was playing alone in my apartment and literally screamed and hid from my computer haha! But sometimes the scariest games are the best because they are the most suspenseful and have the best clues and revelations about who the culprit is! I’m hoping #31 will have more of that eerie mystery feel. Also, I bet the setting in Greece is amazing!


            • Oh my gosh, yes, that part was the worst/best. I was playing with my younger brother, and he screamed because I screamed so loud. Yes, I love the big reveal, especially when you thought it was one person and it ended up being somebody totally different. Yes, I think it will, according to some forums I was looking at. But we can only hope! And yes, I’ve been hoping for Greece as a setting, so I’m beyond excited!


  2. “(Warning: My inner sleuth was drinking coffee and drawing pictures on her wrist when the instructions on how to be a proper detective were passed out” you have no idea how much that made me laugh, Erin, oh my god XD

    Well done for being so brave on your vaccinations ;3


  3. Congrats on getting your hair cut. I have to do that, but well… Yeah. I always get Slytherin on those test, which really bugs me. I’m not evil! I know not all syltherin are evil, but I really think I’m more of a Ravenclaw. *Steals some baklava* 😉

    I’m just packing, because tomorrow I’m going on vacation to South Carolina to visit my sister! 😀


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